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Lockill 3-Ply Disposable Ear-Loop Surgical Face Mask

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  • Standard: ASTM F2100-2019 Level 1
  • Adult size:172mm (±5mm) x 93mm (±3mm)
  • Adult size colour: White
  • Kid size:140mm (±5mm) x 90mm (±3mm)
  • Kid size colour: White
  • 50 pcs/ box

Production Details

  • Manufacturer: Lockill Biochemical Limited
  • Factory: Lockill Hong Kong Factory
  • Outer Layer: 25gsm PP Spunbond
  • Intermediate Layer: 25gsm PP Meltblown
  • Inner Layer: 25gsm Spunbond /ES Non Woven (Hypoallergenic, subject to availability)
  • Allergenic: Hypoallergenic Inner Spunbond/ES Non Woven Layer free from Fluorescent Agent
  • Factory Sterilisation: FLYGOO Ozone Generator
  • Product Sterilisation: FLYGOO 5,000 Litre 20ppm Ozone Station
  • Sterile Verification: Continuous monitoring by a sampling size of one per every 50,000pcs of production to GB15979-2002
  • Sterilisation Remarks: Ozone sterilisation is specially designed in terms of density and time span to avoid adverse effects on the designated performance of the mask products
  • Antibacterial Package: by Patented PAPEL Antibacterial Packaging Technique (www.papel.tech)

Find more information and lab test reporthttps://www.lockill.com/3-ply-disposable-surgical-mask